My phone update /+ comment 3/
After a long time i decided to update my phone style :) I found that app that gives to ipod, iphone or ipad the cute styles, ( thanks to miho) the point is my phone is a samsung galaxy s2 so its ANDROID.
the app name is cocoPPa. and here like actually looks my phone.

I made different combinations of colors and styles giving it a look similar to apple icons but keeping the android taste, 

- It only changes the home page icons no app drawer icons, if you want to change that icons use another apps such like GO launcher ex themes.

- be carefull to do not remove the original icon because if you do u wont be able to chance it again, what it means? it means  if you use android u will see the dock on bottom contain basic function like phone, contacts app, messages and web. when you change the icon with cocoPPa DO NOT drag the new icon to the dock. remove the dock ( GO launcher has that option) and make a "new one" like i did! (just put the app)as  you can see on my screenshoots on top.

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+ posted on 2 jul. 2013 at 17:05