Another PC style /+ comment 3/
Hello again, If you still have windows 7 well, you know im here to give you some advices to design your desktop, I changed somethings on my pc recenly, check it out. (click on the pic to see bigger)

What I keep?
- smile rainmeter skin
- monster slide text xwidget skin
- I set pastelia theme again
- calendar

What's new?
- Start icon
- HDD vintage (C&D disks) rainmeter skin
- top and bottom bars rainmeter skin
- recycle bin rainmeter skin
- volume and battery rainmeter skins
- Day/time/weather/ xwidget skin
- boxes menu instead dock ( xwidget skin )
- social networks xwidget skin (edited by me)

as always i leave you some files here, if you want another that i didnt uploaded tell me and i will.
- menu box [link]
- social network Download

- first [link]
- second [link]

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+ posted on 16 jun. 2013 at 16:17