Sometimes We Have To Let Go /+ comment 3/
放手过去, 过去也会放开 - Let Go of the past and the past  will let you go

For all of us who have lived a pianfull/hard farewell/ break up. Here and advice that believe me its for myself too.  but may be helpfull.

... People Always ask me & I ask myself  "Do you still like him?" "Do you still love him?"  Yes.  Honestly, I don't really know. But I do know there's just something about him I can't let go.

It can takes days... Months.. even Years to heal and get better, but Cheer up it won't take a lifetime.. even the LOVE keeps alive and maybe u never unlove that person, cry if is needed but dry tears next and Go ahead.

READ: If he's stupid enough to walk away: Be smart enough to let him go. (you did your best)

To you who once I called baby, 자기.       If you are not brave enough to walk by my side, I will be brave and I will go ahead on my way without you

From now Your name will not be written anymore....
+ posted on 27 feb. 2013 at 19:24