Oh lana you fit me /+ comment 4/
Take me with you.. Because  I don't want anything else. Suddenly It's hard to breathe,

No matter Where but If I'm with you; If you are in my life I could breath,

You were completly unique and too great, You were the pop style and I grew up listening balad but anyways you fit me better than my favorites pants And I know that love is mean and love hurts but I still remember that  NOVEMBER day when we first talk , oh baby! I will love you until my dying day.

You know I'd wait for you a Thousand years, We said our love were Thousand years love and We would wait for each other, I think you already forgot ...But I don't, I'll always remember. Promise me you will remember that you are mine. Baby Can you see through the tears? I love you more than anybody could have done.. Tell me you will remember it, please baby tell me you will,  ... I will love you till the end of time.

You went out every nights and honey it's ok, I told you no matter what you did, I would be by your side, because I'm a ride or die whether you fail or fly. Shit at least you tried right? but when you were apart from me; when you decided to give up one big part of me just died.

I Want you bring it back, I'd Just like everything go back as before, We danced and cuddle everynights even could exist a kind of distance, but then they took you away; even more. and then you made our distance much more longer.

You only have to remember...

I will Love you until my dying day. .........권용희
+ posted on 21 feb. 2013 at 18:53